PT Saptabangun Manunggal was initiated in 1979 with the name Baumeister Group. It consisted of a group of Civil Engineering students from Petra Christian University who wanted to start their own business in the site construction field.

Alongside the growth of arising and upcoming projects handled by Baumeister Group, it decided to form a company and changed its name to PT Saptabangun Manunggal on August 26th, 1991.

In this website, you can also find the company profile and portfolio of projects that had been done and ongoing ones. It is our hope and wish that they can provide knowledge and experience as we got them to push us even forward to be better.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for the time and opportunity entrusted to us.

For further information on our construction projects, click the list of projects here.

Or to view the pictures of our construction projects, click the portfolio here.

Board of Directors

Managing Director : Ir. Haryanto Tedjokoesoema
Director : Ir. Himawan Taslim
President Commissioner : Ir. Sandjaja Dihardja
Commissioner : Ir. Singgih Nuroho

Jl. Taman Kendang Sari No 29
Surabaya 60292
Phone     : 031 - 849 7095 (hunting), 843 9638, 843 8739, 847 1719
Fax         : 031 - 849 7094
Email       : sbm@saptabangunmanunggal.com
Website  : http://www.saptabangunmanunggal.com
Desa Jeruk Legi, By Pass Krian